1. I make things.

2. I care a lot about people – what they think, what they like, why they do what they do.

To fill up my pool of empathy, I’ve travelled widely and adventurously—by sailboat, foot, and chicken bus. In 2013, I published my first book, a memoir about love, adventure and fear, called Love with a Chance of Drowning. I also run a blog on the same themes.

When you are a person who makes things of any kind, you’re bringing something into existence that wasn’t there before. And because of this, you have a responsibility to make sure that what you’re creating from nothing is a gift to the people who will interact with it and not just another piece of mindless, soul-sucking junk among the cacophony.That is why I work hard. Always. My duty is to construct strong bridges between an idea and the people who that idea is intended for. When I die, I hope that people might say ‘That sure is a lovely bridge.’

I have a degree in visual communications and have worked in this area for fourteen years for a range of clients around the world, making everything from websites to book covers to logos to maps. I’m a strategist too and work with businesses to make sure they have strong bridges.